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AquaSource Organic Green Energy 

An all-organic Superfood* designed to promote better cognitive function, more energy & additional immune system support.

AquaSource Organic Green Energy combines three natural source ingredients:AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood, Organic Spirulinaand Organic Alfalfa Juice Powderthat aredesigned 
to help promoteoptimal energy levels as well as support yourimmune system and normal cognitive function.

Key Advantages

Includes Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder for extra strength, support, and energy
Provides a wide range of nutritional components including vitamins B12 & B5, which help reduce tiredness & fatigue and supports mental function. 
Vitamin C supports the natural release of energy*.
Supports your Immune system.
Vegan Society approved; Gluten & GM free.
Certified as Organic by BDA (Biodynamic Association) for UK and EU.
Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth under theUSDA Organic Regulations 7 CFR Part 205.
Certified as Kosher. 
Certified Halal by Islamic Services of America ISA.

Product Details

AquaSource Organic Algae Superfood– From Upper Klamath Lake; one of the purest and most mineral-rich algae in the world. 

AquaSource Algae is never exposed to high temperatures. Our proprietary BioActive Dehydration® process ensures maximum nutritional value.

Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder – Alfalfa provides concentrated nutrition in a very digestible form.Our specially grown, cultivated and carefully processed Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder also uses BioActive Dehydration® process.

All towards the result of an outstanding alfalfa of maximum nutritional value.

Organic Spirulina – Another type of blue-green algae that has significant nutritional value.  Spirulina contains phytonutrients that have strong antioxidant properties. 

These antioxidants support cellular health by protecting cells from the damaging effects of reactive oxygen radicals.

Approved EFSA Health Claims

Vitamin B12, B5 & Vitamin C contribute to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue.
Vitamin B12 & Vitamin C contribute to the normal function of the Nervous & Immune systems.
Vitamin B5 contributes to normal mental performance.
Vitamin C for normal collagen formation for the skin and for the release of energy in the body. 
Iron contributes to normal cognitive function.


Allergen Data

Contains no Allergens as per EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation No. 1169/2011